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Lansing on ICE

You're curious. What is ICE?  

-ICE stands for Innovate, Create, and Engineer. And it's the exact formula the 517 is using to develop the city and the amazing people in it!

The blog/podcast?

-Every where you look on the internet, there are blogs on fashion, blogs on celebrities, hell even blogs about hungover owls! None of them ring off for us; the people and city of Lansing - home to some of Michigan's finest. Our city is ready to showcase, and ready for the lack of attention to be ended. The ICE Blog and Podcast seek to shift the attention back on the greatness of Michigan's capital city, and the people/things responsible! From community happenings, to the latest and flyest music, The ICE Blog is serving different light on the city. Light that should show the greatness of the 517.

Who is Sid?

-I'm a 23 year old, living in Lansing, MI, and I've always had a passion for speaking, leading, and aiding the cities growth. That's what drove me to develop the ICE blog. I'm currently a business student, an up and coming young professional, and most proudly, a father of two - Kimora who is 4 yrs old and Jovanni who is 1.

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