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The Next Up News Tour

An Ongoing Discovery Of Michigan's Culture!

What does Michigan have that other states and places around the world don't?

There are beautiful lakes and nature across the world. Bar/party scenes get crazy in other places, too. We're not the only place with good food and all four seasons of the year, nor is it the place to be to see all the world's people (Head to NYC). Fashion, entertainment, music and sports are not unique to Michigan either.

But Michigan does have all of these! Nature, partying and nightlife, food scenes, weather, diversity, fashion, music, etc. Michigan is truly unique in its ability to say this!

Well, Next Up News set out to discover all the amazing culture that Michigan has to offer. Traveling city to city, the Next Up team will highlight the grassroots and culture of each place. What will eventually be shown is the amazing people, places, and things that make Michigan one of the greatest places to live anywhere in the world!



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