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The East's Very Own: Ready Roc Is Putting His Stamp On The City

YBM Ready Roc has the Eastside behind him on his rise to the top

If you haven't left mom's porch yet and pulled up to the Eastside of Lansing, you might not understand the support it throws behind the people and things that originate from it.

Man, from Mt. Hope to Michigan Ave. Baker, Walsh, Kalamazoo, back to Homer St on up to Cedar - the East stands 10 on itself and its' people. It's a vibe.

So when you hear "You know I'm ready" it's not just Ready Roc you're hearing. It's the East behind him. His Crusoe brothers, his YBM movement, his brothers locked for seasons, and the people who call his side their side. You should never be afraid to take pride in where you're from; Roc knows this and shows this.

It takes major consistency in your work before you can be taken seriously. It takes being serious before you earn the love of the streets. He dropped a HIT when he released "Outstanding" in late 2018. Now let me lay it on nicely for you: "Outstanding" is a lyrical lesson in street talk over a beat instantly recognizable by the elders, and introduced in a "rap" way to the youngsters.

Then Roc brought RMC Mike from Flint to Lansing on "Illegal Talk", and showed how serious he was, talking CRAZY, next to one of the hottest artist in the state. Ready Roc just dropped "Freestyle" showing his delivery and artistry in 2020. Consistency.

Hearing about the consistent drops and dope flow is one thing, but as they say, what's a word on a man until you hear it from his mouth?

The ICE Blog (T.I.B) pulled up on ReadyRoc to hear from the peoples' champ of the East himself:

T.I.B - Roc, do you believe Lansing's music scene is being taken serious around the state?

ReadyRoc - "Hell yea. Fuck yea. I mean that's a tough question. Me having RMC Mike on my song, (NoSleep) Milli had Rio Da Yung OG here, and Tony P just had Sada Baby here. So we paying for features and they fucking with us. RMC Mike told me in the studio he like the wave and how prepared we were to work. So they taking us serious."

T.I.B - What's something you think would push Lansing's music scene to the next step in being recognized?

ReadyRoc - "Our Artist just need to stay consistent with they grind. The shine gone come, and it's gone be stuck here. Lansing don't have a lot of fluke people that's gone ruin it when the shine hit."

T.I.B - With a movement behind you, do you feel like you're the only artist putting on for the East?

ReadyRoc - I'm the one dropping how i'm dropping. My little brothers Sammie SOS and EMD. Not too many people dropping like me that's reppin' the East. I don't want to discredit nobody, but YBM is going crazy. I'm the Eastside."

T.I.B - What's the story behind RMC Mike being one of the few features you've had?

ReadyRoc - "Really my [young bulls] Joe and Jang put me on him. They gave me the idea to do a track. Mike sent me a beat and came to Lansing few days later."

T.I.B - List off a few artist in Lansing that's on they shit

ReadyRoc - "You got SOS, EMD, the whole AON movement really, Tony P going crazy, Vic The Lefty so underrated.. Kasher Keim; really I fuck with Uproll shit young Dre from the East. The MoneyBound Mafia movement; I listen to the city I just dont fuck with a lot of people. Young Mari from the North he real real underrated. And my boy Esco we dropping crazy."

T.I.B - What's next for Roc and the YBM movement?

ReadyRoc - "I been making so much music, soon i'll drop an EP. The YBM movement is working on a collab project soon too. I got some features on the way. I'm working."


Couldn't let you go without lacing you with a few ReadyRoc tracks:

"Outstanding" (shot by 11 Trak Entertainment)

"Freestyle" (shot by 11 Trak Entertainment)

"Illegal talk" ft. RMC Mike (shot by @Jay_Cutty)

"This Life" with AON NoSleep Milli (shot by BNN Films)

"So Lansing" with Yatti Bae/AON NoSleep Milli (shot by BNN Films)

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