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Sports Wagering; A New Trend

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

DraftKings ads here? FanDuel ads there? From TV commercials to social media promotions, sports gambling has taken over Michigan. The days of only slot machine and table gambling are no longer. A quick opening of an app during your lunch break, a night at the bar, or while you're out eating is all it takes to place a bet these days.

Sports betting became officially legal December 20th, 2019. It wasn't until January 22nd, 2020 that it became available for mobile devices. With Governor Whitmer signing the bill into law, Michigan became the 20th US state to legalize sports betting.

Many Michiganders are taking advantage of the new gambling laws. Group chats, gambling classes, and social media pages are being formed to discuss the latest and best odds. Many people view gambling as cheap and convenient fun, another way to add extra entertainment value to sports, and of course another possible stream of revenue. Its always recommended to gamble at your discretion. As the new trend continues to pick up momentum will you be a participator?

Notable Gambling Platforms:

- FanDuel

- DraftKings

- BetMGM

- WynnBet

- PointsBet

- FOXBet

- BetRivers

- Golden Nugget



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