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Opportunity awaits, as Dave East and ‘Steel Sessions’ set to appear in Flint

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Pictured: Dave East hangs with producers Grandz Muzik (Left of East in orange), Mike Kuz (to the right of East in black), Budda Da Future (standing far right).

FLINT - Coming off a successful inaugural music festival, Antidote Studio is continuing to develop and introduce new lanes to Flint's music scene. The game-changing music studio on Flint’s north side is looking to further its exposure in music culture and its reputation as a premier Midwest recording studio. To do so, Antidote is bringing current East Harlem rap star Dave East, and traveling producers Grandz Muzik, Mike Kuz, and Budda Da Future to the studio for a day of serious learning and music-making. The three producers mentioned team up to form the brains behind “Steel Sessions”, a pop up shop style approach to visiting recording studios and fostering the hip-hop communities growth. This iteration of "Steel Sessions" is set to take place in the 810, and is the reason Dave East is coming.

     Before there was an heavy hip hop presence in Flint, it was basketball that shaped and dominated the 810's early city culture. And the city of Flint has always been heavily regarded when it comes to producing coveted basketball talent. From 1969 to 2016 there’s been at least 1 player from Flint drafted into the NBA every decade. With names like Kyle Kuzma and Monte Morris, teammates for the NBA's Washington Wizards and proud Flint Alum, the status of Flint ballers appear to be as consistent as ever.

     While Flints basketball culture has continued to evolve, it’s the music of the 810 that’s recently taken over the cities spotlight. And the national spotlight as a result. As many rap fans already know, rappers like Rio Da Yung Og and YN Jay have introduced new flows and style to rap. But it doesn't stop with just the artists, because as creative as the flows and lyrics are, a round of applause should be dedicated to the new sounds and beats presented to these artist. The "Flint sound" has been copied and used throughout the entire country. Energy and Jxlan are two of the notable Flint producers responsible for the trailblazing ‘Flint sound', having eclipsed the title of pioneer, their creativivity has turned them into legends.

     “The culture here in Flint is so rich, musically and artistically,” said Antidote Studios’ general manager, Jujuan Thorn, in a interview with Next Up Michigan at the Antidote Fest. Taking a deeper look into his comments, he couldn't be more historically true: Flints own MC Breed single handedly held down the Midwest throughout the 90s. Tracks like ‘Aint No Future in Yo Frontin’ and ‘Gotta Get Mine’ took Breed to the national level. Top Authority and Dayton Family also held regional buzz throughout the 90s. The late Benard Terry, a Flint producing legend who's accredited for much of Dayton Families sound, is often revered as the one who started it all for Flints breakthrough sound. Artist like Jon Connor (Worked with Dr. Dre) and Dizzy Wright also held Flint roots. Dizzy was apart of the prestigious XXL Freshmen class in 2013; the same year he was trending at No. 37 on the Billboard Top R & B/Hip-Hop Charts. Brandon Corder, successful event curator and founder of the ultra-popular Beats x Beers event series, held his his own as a then aspiring producer. He's produced tracks with O’Shea Jackson Jr, Curren$y, and Big K.R.I.T.

It’s safe to say musical genius flows through the streets of Flint.

   The New York based Steel Sessions knows and recognizes this about the 810. Steel Sessions likes to travel to various studios offering feedback for the next wave of aspiring producers. Mike Kuz, Grandz Muzik, and Buda Da Future are the vetted engineers hosting this one of a kind event. There isn’t a vibe, tone, or sound that those 3 producers can’t formulate at near perfection. There combined catalogs cover past and current rap phenoms, from legendary acts like Lil Kim, 50 Cent, Fabulous, and Pusha T, to new superstars in Dave East, Offset, Rick Ross, and even Drake. From the fast paced Atlanta sound to the heavy East coast New York sound, the melodic west coast California sound to the conjoined sounds of the south, Steel Sessions has heard and produced it all.

     Each Steel Sessions is made up of a different cast of supporting guest, making each session unique to that locations experience. Dave East is set to appear in the building, alongside Flint star Louie Ray. Jxlan, A young rising Flint producer, will also be scheduled to be in attendance. Beecher star, Krispy Life Kidd, just adds to an already stacked list of guest. The fact that Steel Sessions is coming to Flint should indicate the city's standing in the current music landscape. History has shown the 810 is one of the best in the midwest at producing music and artist that the country loves - and who knows, the Steel Sessions at Antidote Studio may be the next step some producers or artist need to be the next big thing from "The Fli."

This should surely be an experience for any passionate music enthusiasts.

To book an slot for the exclusive Steel Sessions experience, click here.