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Lions Lingering Defensive Issues

The 2022 Detroit Lions will be the team that can and will.” — Campbell

     It’s not surprising that Lions coach, Dan Campbell, had lofty expectations coming into the season, but after a quarter into the season there’s only one thing that can sum up the Lions failure: lack of DEFENSE. 38, 27, 28, and 48. Those are the point totals allowed by the Lions after four weeks of play. That’s an average of 35.3 points, good for worst in the league. Losing two games while scoring at least 35 points already ties for the most in single season in NFL history.

     The Lions are on pace to give up around 590 points for the season, a would-be record for the most all time for a single season, eclipsing the 87 Colts. With hope for the season already slipping away, the lions are leading the league in points scored averaging 35.0 per outing. For what’s it’s worth, they are competing.

     While the current state of Detroit defense leaves much to be desired, Rookies Aiden Hutchinson and Malcom Rodriguez are to be mentioned. Hutchinson has a team leading 3 sacks, while Rodriguez has a team leading 25 tackles. While this won’t be ‘the season’ for Lions fans, Detroit looks to have two future budding defensive stars.



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