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Funny Is Funny Comedy Club presents: Melvin Bender

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Lansing’s ‘Funny is Funny’ Comedy Club, is alive and well and has been generating growing audiences since the ceremonial ribbon was cut down. Greenwood District Studios has been groundbreaking for Lansing, but the comedy club highlighted within the building, is a true celebration in itself. Traditional comedians, comedians true to their significant style, and even clean family friendly comedians take center stage, enshrining themselves in a bit of Greenwood and Lansing history.

This week the comedy club is headlined by Detroit’s own, Melvin Bender. Melvin is no stranger to the spotlight, as he has worked in a multitude of settings when regarding the world of entertainment and production. To highlight a few of Benders achievements, let’s acknowledge his appearances in ‘The Assassins Code’ also his role in ‘Detroiters,’ and at 43 years young Melvin finds himself as sharp as ever touring throughout the state, continuously putting on hilarious acts. Detroit has produced a favorable amount of comedians throughout history, ranging from yesteryears Ron White and living on today through comedians like Ken Jeong. With a true Detroiter in the building, the hustler spirit paired with a mind full of jokes will be in full effect as attendees should expect nothing less then a quality act along with great showmanship.

Will you be at the next show?

This event will take place at 921 Mall Dr W, Lansing, MI 48917. Show dates are scheduled for the 15th-18th of December, with show times starting at 8:00pm. Tickets can be purchased here. To inquire about future Funny is Funny Comedy Club events, click here. Also to inquire about booking Melvin Bender, click here.



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