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Friday Cyphers Bringing Vibes To Lansing's Downtown

Stephen Mccorry Is Transforming One Downtown Lansing Storefront Into A Mixer Of Rap Bars And Smiles

Lansing - As apart of the new series "Sid in the Streets", I recently joined a group of local creatives out-front of Soul Nutrition, a delicious healthy drink cafe in the center of downtown Lansing, for what is now "Friday Social Cyphers". If you're unfamiliar with cyphers, it's typically a group of individuals stationed somewhere, taking turns showing musical prowess (most often rapping). A cypher flows based on the beat and energy of the individuals and are most often completely improv-based. The man behind the organization of these new cyphers in Lansing is Stephen Mccorry, an impressive lyricist with great skill in spoken word. However these cyphers are a composed manifestation of a core-group of individuals with passion for verbal expression; a.k.a Stephen is apart of a collective of lyrically-gifted and creative people.

But Mr. Mccorry deserves his praise. He has been at the head of the pack in getting the cyphers off the ground. He is passionate about the work and has a singular focus: encourage others to do as he does when he raps, "I go back to what makes me happy," Stephen stated. It is that realization, that small dose of bliss, that keeps Stephen going and hosting these sorts of events.

There is more to this than just Stephen, though. There is an ever-growing Lansing-based community of men and women in spoken word, and they're all helping to lay the foundation for what is to come. Take KT The Conscious Poet. KT, real name Keyante, is a poet and spoken word artists that hosts open-mic nights on Thursdays, then brings his bars to the cyphers on Friday. Sema, the fiery soul with bars that articulate her spiritual acuity; Tina C, the lightning in a bottle not afraid to let her words lead her thoughts; Siso, the do-it-all man with a great mind and mouthpiece; Nova, the rapper with blistering bars to match his energy. In these aforementioned folks, along with a few not named, you have the core of a community that is shifting how Lansing expresses itself. It was not long ago that NYC played host to dozens of daily cyphers, each lifting up the spirit of 1990's NYC street corners and its peope. These new Friday Social Cyphers feel like the same energy. A tribe of voices rapping, kicking poetry, and simply manifesting their vibes through words. An energy unmatched in Lansing, and integral to our streets. For Stephen, KT, and the rest of the crew out front of Soul Nutrition, this is not just lyrics and beats. Nor is it just meeting a group of people for a hobby. It is a way of life that they have decided to share with the world. These sessions are as much therapeutic as they are fun; the energy they receive is higher than the energy they give. The vibes are infectious and it is Stephen's hope that these new cyphers inject new life and love into Lansing.

Catch a cypher by heading to Soul Nutrition, 222 S. Washington Square, Lansing, MI, 48933, Friday's 11am-1pm. Order a drink, and enjoy the vibes. Friday Social Cyphers are presented by Artist's Umbrella - a premier event-hosting organization for Lansing arts and artists.

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