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Black Lives Matter

You're Damn Right.

To the racist -

Why do we continue to have this conversation? How long until you realize.. it's over. Your sanctuary of a system, perpetuated by your like-minded and deep-pocketed leaders, is being uncovered and burned to the ground. Both the minorities (cough, majority) you oppress and even some of the participants you call friends have had more than enough of your radical, self-loving, contradicting, god-forbidden concepts of racial superiority.

Make The Americas great again. Read that again.

Now to regularly scheduled programming.

There is a certain sadness to saying Black Lives Matter. Have we allowed a race of evil people to belittle, torture, and confine our minds enough that we have to label our lives and cry out they matter? The answer is yes, and it's an extremely sad realization. Black lives matter. We are not animals. We are not any different than the next aside from the color of our skin. We are royalty disconnected from our bloodlines hundreds of years ago, enslaved by a race of people who sought to use our great minds and physical stature to build their new land. Who are you?

But instead of screaming Black Lives Matter, we let them know. Movements, riots, boycotts - these are our voices of emotion. Anger. ONLY when provoked will a mass of people turn collectively angry.

Listen to the emotion; it is a last call motivated by oppression. Read that again.



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