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Former Beecher star, Keyon Menifield, reclassifies and verbally commits to Washington

After four years of being on the varsity team and soaking up the priceless and invaluable moments of being on a multiple time championship state team, Keyons now more experienced and better prepared for whatever obstacles he endures along his already prosperous and successful hoops journey.

After a breakout senior year and a stand out summer highlighted with monster performance after monster performance, Keyon has put himself in rare air, garnering nationwide spotlights. This attention has aligned Keyon with multiple basketball opportunities and has propelled him into a social media hoop star. The 6’2 170 lb guard is just another prime example of Michigan’s production when it comes to developing talent.

On November 10th the official ‘Washington Men’s Basketball’ Twitter sent out a tweet that read:


Welcome to Seattle, @TheCh0sen0ne_!

#TougherTogether x #GoHuskies,'

as Keyon retweeted followed up with Purple Hearts showing his already growing love and appreciation for the program and it’s respective colors. That tweet was essentially a prideful double down from Kenyon, not only where countless sport outlets reporting the signing but Keyon himself posted to the world confirming his next anticipated move. Keyon looks to be the latest Washington star as the program has produced NBA talents like Nate Robinson, Isaiah Thomas, Markelle Fultz, Dejounte Murray, and many more.