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A New Era of Flint Rap

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

“The coochie song wiggled the doors open” is what Louie Ray rapped in his song “Motivator,” and that's exactly what happened, the doors had officially opened for the Flint rap scene. Other artists like Rio Da Yung OG, YSR Gramz, and RMC Mike were already buzzing and leading the way for Flint, but once the “Coochie” song dropped ft. YN Jay and Louie Ray, it was essentially the official double down for Flint and Beecher artists. They were here to stay.

While the Flint rap scene was brewing 810 native, BFB Da Pacman, emerged on the scene, down in Texas, with huge songs and features from artists like Wiz Khalifa and Sada Baby. With the rise of Flint rap, a unique sound, style, and appeal was created. That set the stage for nationwide impact and cultural significance. Already established entertainers and artists such as Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Pump, Lil Yatchy, and Roddy Rich have been seen around or featured with the upcoming artists, taking a liking to the new style. With bigger artists being intrigued by the sound, Flint music continues to spread across multiple platforms, gracing plenty of ears and playlist.

It's safe to say the Flint and Beecher rap scene is in good hands and will continue to grow as artists like Krispy Life Kidd continues to push the movement and culture forward being around the likes of Icewear Vezzo and Future. Stay tuned as more artists are prone to blow as the bright lights continue to hover over the Flint and Beecher area.

Take a look at the list of other notable Flint and Beecher rappers:

(no particular order)

  • Jeff Skigh

  • Baglife Tee

  • FTM Bear

  • Detwan Love

  • Grind Hard E

  • OBabe

  • Cliff Mac

  • 8 Ball Tank

  • Baby Smoove

  • Baby Ghost

  • Jada Ali

  • King Kashes

  • Velly Beretta

  • Vonta Gray

  • Dog Gang Corey

  • Eastside Lito

  • RLSG B Smith

  • Chino Cash

  • YN Que

  • Expen$ive

  • Driveway Baby

  • Dee Rich

  • Izbo

  • Loski

  • Don Perrion

  • TCU Hink

  • & much more



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